Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sisters are doin' it for themselves

You are probably wondering why news about a Srikandi event is being posted here. You might even think that I’m doing this just to get Srikandis to visit my blog. (Actually I am but let’s pretend I’m not). It is Staroba related. Honest.

This year, the STF Old Girls decided to hold their Rumah Terbuka gathering at my mother’s house (Mum is a first batch Srikandi). But it is not just because her son is a Starian that this event qualifies as STAR-related for the purpose of this blog. The more compelling reason is another Starian lives there permanently (my father, to be specific). So there I was assigned with general duties as a member of the tuan rumah team, for the gathering that took place on Saturday 17 November 2007.

In my opinion, having the party done pot luck was a good idea: not only did it allow for a variety of food to be served but it made the event financially sustainable. I’m not sure though whether it would be a good idea for Staroba to organise pot luck parties as I could imagine that we would only be inundated with delicacies from KFC and Pizza Hut. Organisers did well in sorting out who was to bring what as evidenced on their blog.

The party started off with Srikandis arriving with their goodies. With the alumni filled with so many enthusiastic cuisiniers, the cup definitely spilleth over.

As expected, there was a noticeable Staroba presence due to the many Starian-STFian mergers.

However there were other Starians who attended the event too. Staroba committee members were also invited (rent for using a Starian-provided venue?).

As you can see, the guests were all spoilt for choice. I could even hear grumblings of diets being spoilt – something you won’t hear in Staroba makan-makan events.

The party got into full swing very quickly, with cries of delight amongst reunited long lost friends and generally warm chatter.

There were even opportunities for a little bit of fund raising. Such an industrious alumni.

The Staroba representative looked to be enjoying himself very much. It’s not always that the male-female ratio at a party works in his favour.

In high spirits and seizing the moment, the girls even broke into song to wrap up the event. Their school song, of course.

Way to go sistahs! Already looking forward to next year’s event.

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akula said...

I read about this in Mokcik DNAS blog. Imagine that I thought I 've made a mistake by thinking this is her blog when it finished loading! STF and STAR sure had long history together huh?

tigerlaneboy said...

akula ..... Definitely. I grew up around pakcik2 and makcik from STAR and STF. I wonder what happened to my pen pal from STF? (which I got thru the old angka giliran peperiksaan trick - this was before the internet) All I remember is she used to live in Jalan Telipot, Kota Bharu. Anybody can shed some light?

drbubbles said...


Alamak!History repeated itself?I used to pen-pal with STFian from Jalan Telipot too.

I noticed Auntie Nadimah was there at the potluck.I haven't got a chance to visit her after Pak Zakaria Bingo's passing recently.Sempat jumpa her son (my senior) during OBW.

tigerlaneboy said...

drbubbles ..... ye ke? adik-beradik kot. kita exchange notes masa lunch nanti. Yes, there were many 1st and 2nd batch Srikandis there (I'll mention to Auntie N that we know each other). To think that my Mum usahakan to matchmake me with a Srikandi (Gen-2) masa dolu2. Maybe she (my blind date) got cold feet because Starian + Srikandi dapat anak mcm aku...LOL.

Spena said...

Errr...tigerlaneboy, I didn't get to know you well the other day as I was more focusing on the food..hehehe... However, your parent's house was really a great venue for it.That makes it special. Thanks for being part of the organiser too!!

D.N.A.S said...

Yeah, your parents' place is so nice, my children refused to come out of the pool. Dah menggigil pun taknak balik. The worst thing was I didn't bring any spare cloth, and then I kena bebel dengan Kak Siti Aminah (1st batch oso), ' Kau ni... dah tau ada anak kecik, kalau pegi mana-mana kena bawak jugak baju lebih !'
Siap kena tampar-tampar lagi dengan akak tu. (She asked me to call her makcik but I insisted to call her akak becoz she didn't look 60 at all.)

tigerlaneboy said...

Spena .... my pleasure. didn't want to spoil your your reunion (and your enjoyment of the food). i was trying to blend in the background's your do.

D.N.A.S .....kena lecture dengan akak senior? mcm kat sekolah lagi. my mum will only be too happy to have another gathering there so maybe ada chance lagi.

Idlan said...

Ah, so many familiar faces! There has always been a kinship between STF and STAR I think. Friends I picked up during my PPM days that remain good friends until today are STAR boys.

tigerlaneboy said...

Idlan ..... my PPM experience with STFians was not that good. But don't get me wrong. It was only because they knocked us out of the English Debate competition! Thanks for visiting.

awan said...

hi. this is kinda off the topic. under Unknown Vintage, Malik Ramli should be in the list of Y1996. Azmir I think could be in Y2000 list, he's in F1 when I was in F5.


afizsul974 said...

So bro, how did you feel to be surrounded by those....ehem ehem..nice ladies in the party.

I see, you are one of those STAR-STF merger's spawns. Does your Gen 3 baby come from the same lineage too?

tigerlaneboy said...

awan ... thanks for the heads-up bro. nothing is off topic here if it concerns starians.

afizsul974 ...the one surrounded by the ladies is not me although I'm sure he enjoyed it nevertheless. My Gen-3 was not spawned (sounds like fish, lol) from a STAR-STF merger. The mother was from an 'enemy' school (so she was happy to stay away from the party).

jetsetqueen said...

Waa so meriah...especially the singing part! I escaped from my batch reunion recently...cold feet!

tigerlaneboy said...

jetsetqueen .... tell us when's your next reunion. we'll make sure we have ours in the next room.

docema said...

Hey!Im sure you were quite biased taking the looked more like a 'Wanita Umno' gathering!!!I'l make sure I make an effort to come to the next gathering to brighten things up a notch..

tigerlaneboy said...

docema ...u are certainly welcome at the next staroba gathering to brighten things up for us!

Anonymous said...

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